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SEGERA |  An oasis of luxury in 50 000 acres of wild Kenyan savannah 


Segera Retreat is a splash of green in a golden savannah. With a legacy of true Kenyan ranch life set against the filmic grasslands that landscape the foothills of  Mount Kenya, Segera has been rejuvenated into a fertile home for conservation, community, culture and commerce. Behind a living cactus boma, the lush gardens flicker with sunbirds and inspire with sculptures, pools and elegant thatched villas. 


Segera emits creative energy and the kind of hospitality you find with favourite friends. It is a beacon for interesting minds, mavericks, art lovers and those looking for fantastic wildlife experiences, wellness, incredible dining experiences and new ways to engage with Kenya's evolving culture. Segera's exclusively private 50 000 acres are home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and buffalo as well as endangered species such as reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, Lelwel's Hartebeest and African wild dog. You'll seek out these species along with classic plains game and up to 150 bird species on daily game drives in open-sided safari vehicles with talented guides. 



If you'd like to ask any questions about Segera safaris or our beautiful accommodation, please email us at  or fill in the mailbox below,

one of the members of the Segera family will be in touch with you.

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RESERVATIONS: +254 714 488 579EMERGENCIES: +254 786 340 815

 SEGERA ADDRESS: Segera, Rumuruti Road, Nanyuki 10400, Laikipia, Kenya 

SEGERA AIRSTRIP:  Mukenya Airstrip N 0” 15.321 E 36” 48.346

Altitude: 1,808m  Length: 1,200m 

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