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Segera is inspired by a balance of 4 core concepts that we call the 4Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Your stay with us helps support our 4C projects from solar farms and beading co-operatives to award winning "Waterbank" Schools and the female anti-poaching rangers academy.Our reforestation project is replenishing degraded land with the planting of 2 million trees - enhancing topsoil fertility, reducing erosion and helping to offset carbon emissions. Our mission is to create a beautiful, sustainable relationship between the community, the wildlife, the landscape and the people who want to explore the region—we call this an eco-sphere. Every stay here contributes to making this vision a solution for the long run and, if you choose to, you can also engage further. 


Our safaris give back. Every aspect of the retreat has a light footprint. Every room is solar powered, grey water is captured and re-used and waste is recycled or composted in our organic gardens. Our water bottling system for distilling still and sparkling water also means no plastic bottles are needed.


Stroll through the Retreat and you'll find our C4C Exhibition—here we showcase the collaborations and live projects that Segera, The ZEITZ Foundation and our sponsors and donors are working on.You can book a guided tour with a curator who will take you a level deeper into the concepts behind the 4Cs and the ways in which you can personally get involved should you choose to.This tour will give you a richer insight into your community visits, cultural interactions, greater Segera experiences and your game drives as you find how every positive action can create a positive reaction.

To find out more about the Zeitz Foundation please follow this link:

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