Segera’s Wine Tower is artfully designed to house a vast collection of African wines and French champagnes in optimum conditions. Cooled by solar energy and by having a rainwater harvesting tank as its foundation, this Wine Tower is an architectural example of our 4C philosophy. We invite you to explore the collection and choose a special bottle to accompany your evening meal, but also its creative design, recycled glass chandelier and naturally cool temperatures provide the perfect ambience for dining amongst shelves upon shelves of Africa’s finest produce.

Choose from a large variety of whites, reds and rosé, sparkling wines, sweet dessert wines and ports, all of our wines originate from African vineyards that follow principles of minimal intervention and sustainable winemaking practices, producing wines with rich characters that pair well with various courses and palates. Each vineyard practices traditional wine culture techniques, resulting in wines with minimal chemical applications and maximum expression of the fruit and soil from which they were grown. Fine French champagnes are also chilled and ready for special celebrations.