Suguta Valley

The Suguta Valley is in many ways the last Great Frontier. Few have visited this part of the Great Rift Valley – it’s inaccessible, constantly changing and can be almost unimaginably hot. It’s about as far off the beaten track as you can get, and makes for a particularly rewarding helicopter excursion. Located directly south of Lake Turkana at an altitude of just 1,000ft (300m) above sea level, this is one of the places where mankind began.

From the vast caldera of the Silale Crater, carpeted with grasses and shrubs, the Suguta valley is characterised by a flood pan dominated by green algae, seasonal streams and dramatic rock formations. An area of fascination for geologists, the ancient sediments and fossils have enabled them to piece together the complex history of a lake which has risen and fallen multiple times over the past 18,000 years. Highlights of this helicopter excursion include weathered rock formations and contrasting shades of the Hoodoe and Painted Valleys, and the sand dunes of the Suguta Desert. The true emeralds in the dust however are Lakes Logipi and Turkana. Logipi is a seasonal saline lake that provides a crucial breeding ground for lesser flamingo, while Lake Turkana – the Jade Sea – exerts a magnetic attraction over artists and scientists alike.