Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest Mountain (after Mount Kilimanjaro) is an ancient extinct volcano standing over 5,000 meters tall with rugged peaks, glacial valleys and forested slopes. Iconic in shape and size, Mount Kenya is situated in the heart of Kenya (on the equator), and its highest snowy peak ‘Batian’ stands at 5,199 meters.

The vast and desolate nature of Mount Kenya with its towering summit, sheer cliffs and glaciers become apparent as the helicopter circles above the peaks of Batian and Nelion. Lake Michelson is one of our favourite spots and a place that few people have ever visited. Here guests can land on the shore for a picnic breakfast surrounded by beautiful views and unique mountain flora.

Mount Kenya has a great diversity of geographical features, vegetation zones and climate bands, which become apparent as we descend 3,000 meters from the peaks to the foothills in just 35 km. There is no better way to appreciate this contrast than by a helicopter. From heathland, mountain bamboo, luxuriant evergreen forest, and finally the stunning savannah plains of Northern Kenya – this is the epitome of what exploring Africa is all about.