At Segera we put a lot of effort into our farm-to-table approach to cooking and dining. We believe in fresh, locally sourced ingredients but also initiate educational activities to support sustainable agriculture throughout the Greater Segera area. What is not grown in our own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens is grown on neighbouring farms and ranches, providing a mutually beneficial relationship with local farmers, minimizing our carbon footprint and providing vital revenue to our Kenyan neighbours, now and for the future.

Take a tour of our flourishing vegetable and herb gardens, taste our chutneys and jellies made from indigenous fruit bushes, enjoy fresh trout procured from nearby streams, sample our own honey (the delicious result of Segera’s sustainable bee-keeping programs) and learn about Kenya’s cultural tradition of Boran cattle herding and the free-range beef it produces.

This is our 4C philosophy at work, and it is delicious.