Segera’s innovative conservation ideals provide wildlife and habitat management for the surrounding Ewaso ecosystem, a mix of community and private land with people, wildlife and livestock co-existing together. Maintaining a vital migratory corridor and giving a permanent refuge to endangered species, Segera is setting a new standard for sustainable tourism and has become a driving force in promoting sustainable thinking and practice.

In 2005, when Jochen Zeitz acquired Segera, it was frequented by poachers, the land was overgrazed and the region was struggling to support its communities and wildlife. Determined to restore and protect Segera’s fauna and flora, Zeitz developed the 4C concept—Community, Commerce, Culture and Conservation—and turned his attention to conserving the beauty of the region, engaging with the community around him and preserving the area’s cultural legacy.
With Segera’s unique biodiversity now preserved, endangered species, big game, and migratory mammals have once again found refuge on Segera.