Artists in Residence

The Zeitz MOCAA Artist in Residence Programme at Segera invites artists, whose work engages with the identity, history, geography, landscape or discourse of the African continent, to spend time in nature—a time for contemplation, research and to engage with Africa not only from a Metropolitan point of view. Segera offers these artists  support to use their time at the Retreat to work through questions in their practice, without the distraction of everyday management at home. Added benefits for the artists include our qualified wildlife scientists available for consultation, engagement with surrounding communities and cultures, the Zeitz Foundation team to support and interpret the landscape, flora and fauna, and a closeness with nature that amplifies pressing issues such as climate change and responsible ecosystem management.

Visiting Segera when an artist is in residence offers guests an extraordinary opportunity to directly engage with the leading artistic talent of our time. Through experiencing this inspiring environment together, including the option of dining together, studio visits, attending artist’s talks and other social activities, guests are able to learn first-hand about an artist’s work, their research at Segera, their studio practice and the current issues they are engaging with. It is a rare opportunity to be in the presence of individuals who are creating the history of art of our time.