An interpretive tour of the Zeitz Collection will lead you through the lush sculpture gardens, into the intimate galleries of the converted stables and through the Centre for 4Cs. Art is an essential part of Segera and together with your guide, you will interpret, debate and appreciate these intriguing works. The Zeitz Collection is an extraordinary representation of contemporary art from Africa and the Diaspora. Curated by Mark Coetzee, the Zeitz Foundation’s Cultural Specialist and renowned art figure, it is a diverse, evocative collection.

Pieces range from controversial video installations to classic bronzes and vast land art to delicate etchings. Carefully selected since 2002 the collection includes works by Malene Dumas, Kudznai Chiurai, Julie Mehretu, Jane Alexander, Wangechi Mutu, Chris Ofili, Kehinde Wiley, Hank Willis Thomas, William Kentridge, Godfried Donker and many more. Seen here, in the context of the Segera Retreat, it is a cultural safari like no other.