Energy, wildlife, water, communities and cultural traditions are being harnessed, protected, inspired and preserved. Every day ideas are being implemented as education centres, solar farms and agricultural plots are built, biodiversity and research programs are introduced and migratory mammals find refuge – you can engage with any of these projects.

Pick up a spade, the Zeitz Foundation is planting indigenous trees in the Wangary Maathai Memorial Forest. Ride with the Conservation Unit Rangers as they monitor, track and observe wildlife. Join a Patas monkey foot patrol. or game drive to witness how removing miles of game fencing has helped vital elephant migratory routes open up again across the EWASO Eco system. Discover Segera’s intelligent ‘waterbanks’ or subterranean water storage systems and learn more about the award winning Uaso Nyiro Primary School where the building captures and distils rainwater so that it’s potable.

Recently awarded the title the “Greenest School on Earth” by the US Green Building Council this sets a new standard, globally. Good ideas can inspire long-term life improvement.