The Samburu, Turkana and Borana are pastoralists with cultural identities that have been celebrated and beautified by intricate beadwork for nearly four centuries. In 2010 the Zeitz Foundation initiated a community based enterprise group, SATUBO (named by abbreviating the three tribal names), where women could both earn an income and preserve their culture.

The group unites the three ethnic groups with complementing skills to create handmade pieces that are both beautiful and symbolic. You can visit the village where these women sit under a gnarled acacia tree, outside a humble church, on a wooden bench worn smooth from use. Talking with them, you get an insight into their culture and community as well as witness the revival of a craft that is age-old.

If you fall in love with a piece you can buy it from SATUBO, your guide will translate for you. Traditional bead and leatherwork is also showcased in the Segera shop in the Stables alongside beaded collaborations with Vivienne Westwood. The Segera Retreat logo is a graphic interpretation of a beaded collar, and was inspired by this initiative.